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Getting Started

Planning on buying an investment property soon? Or are you organising your dream wedding? Well perhaps a Financial Coach is just what you need to get financially fit to achieve your goals sooner. Whatever your goal may be, we want to help you to continue to live in the present, while planning & preparing for the future. Don’t think you have enough money saved to get started? Well all you really need is the right attitude!

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Growing Wealth

Do you think that Financial Planning isn’t for you? Think again. For the most of us, when we hear the term ‘Financial Planning’, we imagine a tedious process, corporate suits, paperwork & perhaps the most misguided perception is that you need a healthy injection of cash to even start a discussion. It all just sounds too hard & time consuming. But the reality is, it can be quite the opposite. Our goal is to help you regain control & partner with you in your financial journey. We have tools designed to help you track your wealth & aim to make the experience an enjoyable one for you!

“We know that so many families on the Peninsula want to prepare themselves for their next life chapter – so we encourage early planning. After all, failing to plan is planning to fail.” Dirk Werner, Director & Senior Financial Advisor.

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Financial Freedom

Does Retirement feel more like a dream, than your next life stage? Then it’s time to talk to MPFS. 

For so many of us, when we think about Retirement, we conjure up images of Golf Days, Cruises, Long Luncheons… but we don’t necessarily think about how we are actually going to get there. 

But preparing for retirement doesn’t have to be complicated, it is a step by step process that with a little bit of focus can actually be enjoyable. 

We want to partner with you in your financial planning to help you achieve your retirement goals. At MPFS, we love getting to know our clients. We tailor our solutions for each and every client to ensure that you can regain control of your finances and achieve your long term financial goals.

“With nearly 30% of the Mornington Peninsula at 60 years or over, preparing for retirement should be a priority for many of us in the region” Dirk Werner, Director & Senior Financial Advisor.

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“A very big expression of thanks for the management of my portfolio & the performance over time. This is really appreciated & very gratefully accepted!”


Mornington, Victoria


“I have been dealing MPFS for 15 years. Dirk & his team are always professional, friendly & supportive. Offering guidance and constant follow up across my entire financial journey”

Karen Howard

Seaford, Victoria